Meet Superscreen.

Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.

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More than a Mirroring Device

Instead of zooming in, Superscreen Aspect fits your the content on your mobile screen so nothing gets blurry or cropped, so text and icons appear at exactly the same size as on your phone. Supercharging your phones OS with the convenience of a 10" HD Display.

It's why we call it super

Superscreen is a new way to experience the digital world you have set-up on your phone. It does everything a tablet can do, everything a casting product can do, PLUS everything in your phone in one affordable great looking device.

Superscreen 10.1" HD Display
  • Superscreen is securely connected to your device at all times. Giving you instant control of any app.

  • No Wi-Fi or data signal is necessary. Superscreen uses  a private signal.

  • Superscreen uses 70% less battery than if you were actually using your phone in hand.

  • Built in Bluetooth so you can sync to your already existing BT devices.

Your content in HD

Superscreen uses high performance dual front facing speakers, to deliver higher quality sound than any tablet in the market

Dual Cameras

High-resolution front (5mp) and back camera (8mp) mean you can Snap, Skype, and share photos in beautiful HD, all while saving automatically to your phone.

Fully Loaded

Designed to make your Smartphone more capable and versatile than anything that's come before.

  • Personalize

    Comes in Ivory White and Midnight Black variations. Superscreen is here to complement your style.

  • Aluminum Backing

    Durable and long lasting, Superscreen comes incased in a high quality milled Aluminum casing.


Superscreen uses high performance hardware communication circuitry and proprietary software (all patents pending) to transmit and receive data between the Superscreen and your smartphone.

Instead of zooming in, Superscreen Aspect fits your screen so nothing gets blurry or cropped.

Superscreen runs its own operating system allowing you to navigate and drive a multi-touch experience exactly as you would on your phone.

Engage your mobile content up to 4x larger than on your smartphone screen.

Why Superscreen?

Superscreen gives you full control of your smartphone's native operating system. Use your Superscreen exactly as you would use your phone.

Press Mentions

Superscreen keep it's simple as the world’s first portable touch screen for your smartphone. Superscreen knows that your tablet is useless.

Most of us buy a tablet because our smartphones aren’t big enough for certain tasks, but they offer much the same functionality. Superscreen solves that problem.

Superscreen is a new way to think about tablets. Before, if you wanted to get a display experience larger than six inches, you’d have to buy a tablet. You would end up spending upwards of a couple hundred to well over $500. This is the fundamental difference between Superscreen and other tablets.

Like Steve Jobs, Morgan is an inventor with a brainchild, not a businessman with a trendy gadget.

Superscreen will offer a larger and high-resolution screen that links to your smartphone and displays its content, but without the high price of purchasing a separate tablet.

Superscreen is compatible with 97% of smartphones.